Ameba Consult - About ourselves

Since 1980 we have supported companies and organizations with planing and adapting their business and organizational requirements within the scope of digitization.

Our principal activities:

Our expertise:

Conceptial approach:

We act as a broker between requirements of involved departments, existing or required datapools and IT implementations to optimize progressing digitization in your business enterprise.

Datapools are analyzed under the consideration of the 5 "V's" - Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity - and thus combined to smartData. As a result they are modeled, homogenized and standardized.

We facilitate integration, combination and linking of information, data, software and processes to form a whole - as Integarted Information, Process and Data Management (IIPDM).

Our long-standing experience together with sound science-based methods offers ideal solutions to your organizational, technical and problem driven issues.

We are not afraid to participate responsibly in the development of problem-oriented application software. You may find further details under our Services Overview and Project Overview.


Our subsidiary Avalaris has acquired expert know-how in the OpenSource IT-Solutions field, especially dealing with VoIP (asterisk), eCommerce (OpenCart), Cloud-Computing und VPN/Security.


Mark-René Uchida
Computer Science, Statistics, Electrical Engineering, Physics
Member IEEE, ACM, SigMOD, Posix, IEEE 802.x, GfSE, OCG, WKO Industry 4.0/IoT, UBIT OpenSoure Experts Group

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